What Are Essential Pantry Items for the Freezer? Good Questions

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Q: I will be setting up my first grown-up apartment and was wondering what would you consider to be essential pantry items for a freezer.

Sent by Joy

Editor: Joy, this definitely depends on how you cook. Do you like Asian food? If so, we think a few bags of fish balls (yum) should be stashed somewhere, along with some cut-up chicken or pork for quick stir-fries. If you like Italian food, how about containers of homemade tomato sauce and dabs of frozen tomato paste?

For us and our cooking style, freezer basics are mostly frozen chicken stock and broth that we’ve made from past chicken dinners, as well as vegetables like chopped spinach and artichoke hearts that are helpful for quick stir-fries and pasta dishes.

Readers, what about you? What do you like to keep in your freezer? (Besides ice cream; that sort of goes unsaid, right?)

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