These Antique “Dust Corners” Deserve a Comeback

published May 13, 2023
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Though the modern world has come a long way in terms of science, medicine, and technology, our ancestors actually got a few things really right — and unfortunately, some of their genius inventions have been unjustly forgotten. Dust corners, for example, are a bygone accessory that the Victorians created to cut down on their cleaning routine, and not only are they useful, but they’re incredibly beautiful as well. 

After being introduced to dust corners, you’re going to wonder why the heck these didn’t come with us into the late 20th and 21st century. And yeah, it just doesn’t make sense.

Dust corners are small bits of decorative metal that sit in the corners of your stairs and prevent dust and dirt from piling up in the hard-to-reach corners. They secure into the stair with a single nail and make sweeping steps so much easier.

“WHY are these not offered with every house??? These are awesome!” one person commented on the above Instagram post. Another added, “My house (built in 1923) had these when we bought it. I love them!”

Sure, dust corners probably became obsolete because the vacuum cleaner was invented. But wouldn’t these also make vacuuming steps easier? The dust literally has nowhere to hide.

If you love the idea of dust corners (even for purely decorative purposes), then you may be able to find them in antique stores or architectural salvages spots. Or, you can buy Victorian reproduction dust corners through House of Antique Hardware if you’re in need of some instant gratification. 

Dust corners do not deserve to be forgotten. They not only solve a problem you didn’t know you needed fixing but they’re also incredibly beautiful to look at, too.

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: How These Antique “Dust Corners” Can Make Your Cleaning Routine Go Faster