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What 4 of Your Favorite TV Characters Would Bring to Friendsgiving

published Nov 24, 2020
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The holiday season is about many things: love, peace, togetherness, gratitude, long afternoons watching movies in our PJs while it snows outside. (We contain multitudes.) This year, we’re excited to unwind and get cozy with our imaginary besties — you know, the fictional characters you spend so much screen time with that you consider them actual friends?

Lucky for us, HBO Max has them all in one place, from iconic crews like Friends to the Roys and their never-ending scheming on the HBO Original Succession. (Family drama is 100-percent more fun when it’s not your own.) It also has new HBO Originals we can’t wait to queue up, from murder mystery comedy The Flight Attendant to Love Life, the clever rom-com anthology series. After a few hours of bingeing, we started daydreaming about the ultimate Friendsgiving potluck with our favorite characters. It would be hilarious, endlessly entertaining, maybe a little scandalous — and they would definitely do the dishes. But what would they bring? Read on to find out.

Ross from Friends

Oh Ross: so earnest, so easily flustered. We think Ross would go big — a gorgeous and crowd-pleasing lasagna — but we also think he’d be frustrated and covered in sauce in no time, thanks in no small part to Marcel’s monkey shenanigans. Finally, Ross would sheepishly call Monica to come to his rescue, and the story would be as big a hit as the finished dish.

Darby from Love Life

Elsewhere in the universe of NYC sitcoms is Darby from Love Life. She’s a funny 30-something figuring out love in the Big Apple with varying success and steady laughs. That includes the Friendsgiving where — chatting with her crush, Augie — she tries to take credit for a homemade yam dish instead of the bleh store-brought ones she actually brought. Only problem? He made it. Undeterred, she’d whip up her own this time, with a simple yet delicious candied yam recipe that would surely score some points with Augie.

Samantha from Sex and the City

A woman whose biggest culinary accomplishment is Nyotaimori (body sushi) is probably not going to be bringing the main course. We imagine Samantha from the HBO Original Sex and the City would spend most of her prep time picking out the perfect outfit before grabbing a bottle of vodka off her shelf and whipping up this chic cranberry and St. Germaine pitcher cocktail at your place — using your pitcher, of course.

Cousin Greg from Succession

Bumbling but savvier than he gets credit for, Cousin Greg from the HBO Original Succession would hopefully have a better time at Friendsgiving than at a Roy family meal, but he’d probably still second-guess his contribution. In the end, we think he’d go for something meant to impress and signal his sophistication, like this fancified and decadent spinach artichoke mac and cheese.

Ready to spend the holidays with your favorite characters? HBO Max will be there for you, whether you need a new drama to binge with your SO, a movie the whole family can agree on, or a feel-good escape from your quarantine routine. (Selena + Chef‘s Friendsgiving special should satisfy that craving.) Now on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tables devices, HBO Max is easier to watch than ever. From old favorites to exclusive streaming content, there’s something for everyone — and every holiday mood.