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The Old-School Egg Gadget That Makes My Mornings a Million Times Better

published Sep 7, 2021
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“Where did this thing even come from?” I asked my husband one morning, holding up our retro-looking egg slicer as I waited for a slice of bread to spring from the toaster.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “But it’s too well-made to be new. Did we get it from my grandparents?”

We’re actually still not sure how we came to be in possession of this marvelous little gadget, but I soon learned that it’s very much in current production. (So much for stumbling upon a priceless family heirloom!) It’s the Westmark Duplex egg slicer, a German-made tool that slices boiled eggs with exquisite precision. 

The body is made of aluminum, cast in such a way that you can position your egg vertically or horizontally for either round- or oval-shaped slices. The wires are stainless steel, tightly strung, and mounted individually — a trifecta of durability. And because the brand name isn’t visible unless you’ve lifted the wires, the Duplex really does look like one of those cool, unmarked pieces of vintage kitchenware of which no one knows the backstory. So mysterious! 

Credit: Summer Rylander

Whether for a midmorning egg-on-toast situation or to top a light-but-luxurious evening salad, the Duplex is a joy to use. Simply place your egg in the cradle, lower the wires, and then swiftly press down to reveal crisp, even slices (you can also use it with other soft, small foods, like mushrooms and strawberries!). I love that I can get a fancily sliced egg without having to pull out a cutting board or dirty a knife or focus my tired eyes. I just run the wires through and lay the perfect egg slices on top of an avocado toast. A fancy, restaurant-worthy breakfast without much effort from me! The Duplex works so effectively — and has such a no-frills design — that cleaning is a breeze, too. It practically rinses clean without much effort on your part. When it’s time to stow, the clamshell construction lays nearly flat, taking up minimal space in even the most cluttered utensil drawer.

While we might not remember the origin story of our Duplex (see, it is mysterious!), my husband and I both use this egg slicer several times a week — most weekday mornings, at the very least. They say not to put all your eggs in one basket, but we definitely put all of our eggs through one slicer.

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