Welcoming Myself Back to the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Radio Silence the last month or so? Well, not exactly…

On September 28th, as many of you know, I gave birth to a lovely little girl named Ursula. Lucky for us all, we’d just hired our four new editors (Chris, Faith, Grant and Vanessa), and they have been doing a great job of hosting the site ever since. [insert applause]

However, as editor, I kept on keeping on by overseeing the site. I was also putting final touches on my book, whose manuscript was due right as I was giving birth.

The one thing I was not doing was cooking. With a newborn, it’s impossible to imagine cooking. I could barely pour myself a glass of water those first weeks. But now that we’ve crossed that one-month threshold (and I’ve heard it gets even better after the first six weeks), I’m slowly getting back to that place I love so much: my kitchen. In the past week I’ve made a chicken soup, two pork tenderloins, and a bunch of different pasta dishes with a hodgepodge of groceries found at Murray’s Cheese.

Thank you all for the supportive words (and amazing gifts!) as Maxwell and I went through this tender time. And although our four new editors will keep the content flowing around here, I hope to chime in more often with a post here, a comment there, just so you know that I’m still here in the kitchen.