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updated May 1, 2019
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Dear readers, I’m writing to you today with some exciting news, as we enter a new year together. Today marks the official launch of our new Wellness vertical, a better and more beautiful place to discover and enjoy your own path to healthy living.

From the very first day of Kitchn’s life, over 10 years ago, we have worked to be a smart, personal, and encouraging resource for people who want to eat well and live well. This meant including (of course) vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes — plus stories that reflected a diversity of challenges and perspectives in what healthy eating means to a wide variety of people.

We’ve told stories about managing allergies through food choices, and about finding new ways to enjoy food while losing weight. We’ve explored the science of nutrition, and offered resources for the many readers following popular diets like Whole30.

The common thread of all our health and wellness content has always been this: You are the only person who can decide what is most healthy for you. Our job is to offer smart resources that untangle some of the confusion around health and nutrition, and to give you fabulous recipes, shopping advice, and inspiration to make choices each day that feel better and easier.

But we know that health looks different for everyone. On our editorial team alone we have editors who:

  • Eat mostly plant-based meals
  • Eat mostly low-carb on the keto diet (i.e., lots of meat!)
  • Do not eat gluten (but love pizza)
  • Run triathlons
  • Eat anything (but want to avoid sugar more)

On our team we have a ton of diversity in what healthy looks like to us and our families, and we know that in the wide world of our readers that diversity is even more pronounced. We’re never going to assume that healthy means any one thing or demands any one perspective. Instead, we’re committed to offering great resources and smart explainers that address many perspectives and directions shared by our readers.

And the time has come to acknowledge that yes, wellness is not something that we just do as a matter of course — we have offered you resources to live better for over 10 years, quietly and without a lot of fanfare. But we think it’s time to make our wellness coverage easier to find, and easier to navigate too. Our new wellness vertical gives you easier access to some of our healthiest recipes, and to our coverage of nutrition, wellness news, and profiles.

What else will you find there, and in our wellness coverage as a whole?

  • A varied set of perspectives on what healthy can look like, with profiles of people with diverse backgrounds and health views.
  • Recipes and resources to help you eat well, no matter what that looks like for you. (Vegetarian? Low-carb? We’ve got you.)
  • Recipes with more reliable nutritional information, reviewed by our on-staff Registered Dietitian.

What is healthy and what makes us feel great is not only different from family to family, but also changes throughout life. I’m writing to you from maternity leave with my second tiny daughter sleeping by my side. I’m focused on eating well to nourish her as well as myself, and as she grows the needs and challenges of developing a healthy sense of food, taste, and body will always be in motion.

We hope to be a resource for you and yours as you make your own choices about eating well and living well this year. We’re here to give you food that makes you feel great. Thank you for returning to Kitchn over and over — we have simply the best readers and we’re so grateful you let us be a part of your own health and food journeys.

Visit our new vertical page: Wellness at Kitchn