It’s Gluten-Free Week at The Kitchn!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

During this month of Healthy Comfort Food, we decided to devote a week to gluten-free eating. All of our recipes this week will be gluten-free or gluten-free adapted, and many of our posts this week will focus on gluten-free ingredients, techniques, and cooking. If you cook gluten-free, please chime in and share your own experiences and expertise! And those of you who have no need to eat gluten-free, no worries — we think you’ll find plenty of delicious things to eat this week as well. (Don’t forget: MEAT is gluten-free. As is cheese. And eggs, and lots of other things most of you love to eat.) So — is there anything specific you all would like to talk about this week? Tell us, and we’ll do our best to cover it!

(Image: Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan)