Weird Yet Addictive Appetizer: Cottage Cheese & Potato Chips

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I was floored when I opened up the April issue of Bon Appétit and read a confession from Andrew Knowlton, the BA Foodist, about his love of one of my own guilty pleasures: cottage cheese with potato chips. It’s a funny little snack that my husband often sets out when he has friends over — and even the most skeptical are always converted.

What makes it so good? As I scoop yet another chip into the tub of cottage cheese, I often ask myself that same question. There is some kind of synergy between the salty, crunchy chip and the cool, mild cottage cheese that makes it hard not to keep eating…and eating.

It’s certainly not an elegant snack — Knowlton doesn’t admit to serving it to guests — but it could be an easy appetizer for a casual gathering. If you want to get a little fancier, buy an artisanal cheese, like the Cowgirl Creamery version pictured above, or try Bon Appétit’s recipe for horseradish-cottage cheese dip. You might be surprised by how much you like it.

Are there any semi-embarrassing snacks you would serve as an appetizer?

(Image: Diane Fields/Bon Appetit)