The Most Ridiculous Things to Do with Your Toaster, According to the Internet

(Image credit: Brittany Keats Cerullo)

As a parent of carb-loving kids, the toaster is one of my most-used small appliances. I use it to heat up all manner of frozen breakfast items, from regular toast and bagels to frozen waffles, French toast sticks, and more. But, according to the internet, I’ve yet to realize the true powers of this trusty device.

Here are five ridiculous (and amazing) things you can do with your toaster.

(Image credit: Grilled Cheese Social)

1. Use your toaster to make grilled cheese.

Here’s a trick from Mackenzie Smith, the blogger behind the aptly-named Grilled Cheese Social: Turn your toaster on its side, then stick in two slices of bread, each with cheese on top, and presto! You’ve got a perfect grilled cheese. The only problem is that this off-warranty use of the toaster could (potentially) start a fire, so proceed with caution.

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Frozen Veggie Burger Taste Test(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

2. Use your toaster to heat up veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers tend to be pretty dry and dense, which is why they’re sometimes called hippie hockey pucks. On the plus side, there’s little risk of them dripping fat or disintegrating inside your toaster.

Can You Make Hard-Shell Tacos in Your Toaster?(Image credit: Ghazalle Badiozamani)

3. Use your toaster to make taco shells.

Yes, you can turn soft tortillas into crispy, ready-to-fill taco shells — according to, well, us! Just make sure to get the right-size tortillas and pay close attention. In other words, do not walk away from your toaster (and the minute you smell smoke, press eject and unplug your toaster!).

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4. Use your toaster to turn sweet potatoes into toast.

According to Spoon University, you can make gluten-free toast by baking thinly sliced pieces of sweet potato in your toaster. Once they’re toasted, load ’em up with avocado, peanut butter, or whatever your heart desires.

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5. Use your toaster to grill a steak.

Is it a coincidence that a modest cut of steak is about the same dimensions of a piece of toast? YouTubers Rhett & Link of BroBible think not. They tried grilling a steak in their toaster and it actually came out … pretty well! P.S. If your steak’s too thick for your toaster’s slots, use an iron (yes, a clothes iron) to thin it out while also getting a perfect sear.

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