10 of the Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets You Had No Idea Existed

updated Jul 6, 2019
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Credit: Bag Clip: Walmart. Frywall, Baggy Rack, Butter Cutter: Amazon.

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets out there promising to make your life easier, faster, and better. We try so many of these miraculous products and, more often than not, find ourselves disappointed. No, you do not need a special tool to prep Brussels sprouts, or a dome to cut salad, or, well, you get the point.

There are, of course, plenty of brilliant products out there. Which is why we’ve rounded up 10 of the weirdest kitchen gadgets that are also actually useful. Are they 100 percent necessary? Nope. Will they get the job done and spark a little joy while doing it? Absolutely.

Credit: Amazon

1. Baggy Rack, $8 for two

Have you ever tried to fill a zip-top baggie? If you have, then you know how hard it is to actually pull off — neatly. This gadget, which clips bags firmly in place, is here for you. Bonus: It doubles as a drying rack when you wash and reuse a bag (which is something you should be doing!).

Credit: Amazon

2. Frywall, $22

This as-seen-on-TV gadget is so much better than most other stuff hawked on the air. Basically a silicone insert that fits inside your frying pan, the Frywall keeps grease from spattering all over your backsplash and stovetop. More like FryWow. (Get it? Like the ShamWow, only better!)

3. Lékué Citrus Sprayer, $10 at Bed Bath & Beyond

We’ve written about this unitasker before and we stand behind our enthusiasm for this gizmo that essentially turns a lemon into a spray bottle. Just slice off the top of the lemon, twist the sprayer into the fruit, and spritz away. We love it for salads, fish, and fancy cocktails.

Credit: Amazon

If you’ve decided to become an ace at making sushi at home, forget bamboo rollers and try this slightly silly but totally effective tool, which delivers near-perfect sushi every time.

Credit: Amazon

This microwave egg cooker is the key to making your egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwich dreams a reality. You just need about 60 seconds and a microwave — no other tools required. It also works for other kinds of eggs and instant oatmeal!

Credit: Sur la Table

6. The Avocado Sock, $17 at Sur la Table

Absurdly adorable? Yes. Actually useful? Yes, if you love avocado toast as much as we do. Slip your unripe avocado into the sock and let the warmth of the wool (and the lanolin) work magic overnight. You should have a perfectly ripe avocado in 24 hours.

Credit: Walmart

This hard-working clip goes onto any open bag and keeps whatever is inside — coffee beans, potato chips, sugar — fresh, while also allowing you to pour with ease.

Credit: Amazon

The fatal flaw of many a condiment bottle is the inability to store it upside down to squeeze out every last drop of goodness. (We’re looking at you, Sriracha bottles!). That’s what make these upside-down condiment holders so brilliant. They literally flip your favorite condiments on their head.

Credit: Amazon

Turn any pot into a strainer with this nifty device, which fits onto most cookware and lets you keep your bulky colander in the cabinet. It cuts down on dishes and makes one-pot meals truly one-pot.

Credit: Amazon

Butter-lovers, this one’s for you: Load your stick of butter into the chamber, start squeezing, and you’ll get a perfect pat of butter with every click.

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