Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with This Cleaner That Makes Crusty Glass Stovetops Look Good as New

published Aug 10, 2021
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Chryslene cooks on her electric stovetop.
Credit: Kassie Borreson

Glass stovetops are gorgeous, sleek, and modern — that is, until you scorch a pot or dinner accidentally splatters all over the place. Then what? Abrasive cleaners and harsh scrub brushes are a no-no, and no amount of baking soda can tackle those tough stains. Rather than accept the fate of a forever-dirty stove, click on over to Amazon and check out its top choice for stovetop cleaners, the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit. New or old, stained or crusty, your cooktop will look good as new with this set, which features a combo cleaner, scrubbing pad, and razor. Don’t believe us? A quick glance through some of the whopping 30,000 five-star ratings may change your mind.

Let’s dive into the logistics. Weiman’s liquid cleaner/polish uses microbead technology, which is strong enough to tackle stubborn watermarks, dirt, and grease stains but gentle enough so that you won’t damage your appliance. Once you’re done scrubbing, simply use a paper towel to buff the surface to a gleaming, streak-free shine. It’s safe for use on all major stovetop brands, including glass, ceramic, and induction cooktops. As one self-proclaimed “obsessed” reviewer notes, “The solution is amazing. Just a small amount is all it takes to make your range top sparkle.”

All that goodness aside, where this bundle really shines (literally) is if you’ve got super stubborn stains. Another reviewer calls this kit a “game-changer,” thanks to the non-abrasive scrub pad that removes heavily burnt-on food with just a little elbow grease. And if you have the most stubborn caked-on gunk, do not fear the razor! Simply unscrew it from the protective case and turn it around for the most effective way to scrape those stubborn bits off without scratching the stove’s surface. As another happy customer raves, “All those spots that you thought were scratches or permanent blemishes? Guess what—they’re not.”

That same reviewer implores everyone “on the fence” about this product to wise up and “buy this kit immediately.” With thousands more happy customers in total agreement, it’s easy to see why you should take a shine to this cleaning champ and try it out for yourself. After all, sparkly new cooktop is just a click away.