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The Frozen Chicken Tenders I Go Out of My Way to Get

published Nov 20, 2022
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Recently I’ve been trying to perfect my Buffalo chicken salad recipe, which means I’ve become a bit of a chicken tender connoisseur as I’ve searched the freezer section for great chicken tenders. As I’ve fine-tuned my recipe, I’ve tried many different brands.

Some didn’t seem to be as substantial when I’d lay them out on a baking sheet — the worst of which were mostly chunks of breading that burned in our air fryer. The bigger pieces ended up soggy and not as crispy as I would have liked. I was beginning to think that perfect chicken tenders didn’t exist, but then I found Wegmans Frozen Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Strips, which are so good that I go out of my way to get them.

Credit: Tracey Gertler

What’s So Great About Wegmans Fully Cooked Chicken Breast Strips?

Wegmans chicken strips are juicy on the inside and satisfyingly crunchy on the outside, and have a peppery kick that my husband and I both enjoy. We typically buy the family pack, which costs $14.99 for 46 ounces (versus $7.99 for 22 ounces). A bag tends to last us around four meals, making it a budget-friendly option for us. (We also always set some aside for our dog, Tito, when we want to give him a little treat.)

What’s the Best Way to Use Wegmans Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Strips?

To make my famous Buffalo chicken salads, I cut up a head of iceberg lettuce, crumble some blue cheese, and add black olives, followed by a squirt of blue cheese dressing before arranging the cooked tenders on top and sprinkling with hot sauce. The salad reminds us of some of the restaurant versions we’ve had — but for a fraction of the price.

The chicken strips are a tasty addition to quesadillas, too. We make them in the quesadilla maker we bought over the holidays last year, but you can also make them in a skillet. Either way, you’ll have dinner in less than five minutes. The chicken strips are also perfect for what we call our “adult kids’ meal”: chicken tenders, fries, and veggies all baked in the oven.

Buy: Wegmans Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Strips, $9.79 for 22 ounces at Instacart

Do you have a favorite brand of frozen chicken tenders? Tell us about it in the comments.