Weeknight Meal Tip: Quick Grocery Shopping Tricks

Weeknight Meal Tip: Quick Grocery Shopping Tricks

Kathryn Hill
May 15, 2008

We love shopping for food - it can be an adventure into something new, or it can be an experience for the senses.

But sometimes we're in a rush and don't have time to float from aisle to aisle, touching and smelling every little thing that catches our attention. So, on those days when shopping for food is a necessity and we have little time to spare, how can we maximize our experience?

Some tricks for quick grocery shopping include making a meal plan in advance, rather than going into the market and playing it by ear. Also, have a list based on your recipes, and stick to the list, instead of picking up random things you don't need. It also helps to organize your list by the route you take through the store, so you pick up all your items in order, without losing time by backtracking. Streamline your route through the store - start at one end and work your way from aisle to aisle, ending at the checkout lines. Lastly, one of the best grocery shopping time savers is to shop during off-peak hours, such as the early morning (we like to pop in after going to the gym, but before going to the office) or late at night. This way, you'll avoid the crowds and the children in the checkout aisles screaming for candy.

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