Weekend Project: Stocking the Spice Cupboard

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is a good time of year to go through your spice cupboard, replace ones that might be getting dusty, or replenish those that are running low. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself out of an essential spice right when you’re about to make a batch of cookies or start craving a pot of chili! Here’s a list of the most common spices we keep stocked in our kitchen:

These dried herbs and spices can pretty much get us through any kitchen pinch, big or small. Some of them are so familiar that we reach for them without even thinking. Others are called for often enough in our favorite recipes that we just like to make sure they’re on hand.

Dried Herbs and Seasonings
Bay Leaf
Red Pepper Flakes

Cinnamon – whole sticks and ground
Cloves – whole and ground
Coriander – ground
Cumin – whole seeds and ground
Star Anise – whole
Nutmeg – whole

Spice Blends
Chili Powder
Curry Powder
Garam Masala

These are ones we use pretty infrequently. They’re not “must haves” for the spice cupboard, but we find that we use them just often enough that we always seem to have a few leftover teaspoons hanging around in the back of the cupboard!

Ground Anise
Cardamom – whole and ground
Carraway – whole
Fennel – whole

What other spices do you keep stocked?

(Image: Flickr member rightee licensed under Creative Commons)