Weekend Project: Spruce Up the Dining Patio

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been so eager to enjoy the nice weather outside that we just pulled a few chairs onto our porch and called it good. The other day we were looking around and realized that our backyard space could use a little TLC, especially if we want to eat outside soon. We know what we’ll be doing this weekend. Care to join us?

Here’s our plan of action:

Sweep off the back porch – There are lots of leaves and various detrius still left in the corners from the long winter. We’ll sweep those up and add them to the flower beds for ground cover. (One summer project is to get a compost bin going – stay tuned for that!)

Clean up the yard – We live in an apartment and the landlord takes care of things like mowing the lawn (thank you!), but we’re happy to help out by picking wilting flowers and keeping an eye on trash that blows in from the street.

Pull out the lawn furniture – We’ll bring everything out and give it a good hose-down to clean off the dust and cobwebs.

Make our “Outside Kit” – We don’t like to leave a lot of loose odds and ends outside overnight, so we make a little “outside kit” to pack things in and out. In there, we keep a few candles, matches, some bug spray, picnic plates, cloth napkins, and salt and pepper shakers.

This should get us set up for enjoying our backyard in the next few weeks! What other things do you like to take care of to get your outdoor space ready for summer (and dining al fresco)?

(Image: Flickr member dailyinvention licensed under Creative Commons)