Weekend Project: Pass on Your Skills!

Weekend Project: Pass on Your Skills!

Emma Christensen
May 29, 2009

Here at the Kitchn, we all spend a lot of time teaching ourselves new skills, trying out new recipes, and improving our technique. This weekend, let's flip the tables a bit, shall we? Let's invite someone into our kitchens and share some of what we've worked so hard to learn! It could be a best friend, your 5-year-old, a neighbor, or a parent - what one skill would you like to pass on?

Some of you might be thinking that you don't know enough yourselves to teach anything to anyone else. To those of you thinking this, we would give you a hug and say that even if you just stumbled across this site today and currently use your oven to store winter sweaters, we're willing to bet that you know more than you think you know when it comes to cooking.

Take a minute to think about the kind of cooking you already do, or the kind of cooking you grew up with. Even the ability to taste a dish and know that it's good is a skill. And if you just finished up doing the Kitchn Cure, we know you definitely have at least one new skill to share!

We also know that some of you might be shy about opening up your kitchen to someone else. We understand this too! But think about it - if your kitchen and your cooking time is a refuge for you, it probably could be for someone else as well. That can be a great gift to give.

You can tell your girlfriends you're making handmade pasta and to bring over a bottle of wine if they want to help out. Or you can simply hand your spouse a spoon and tell him or her to stir while you sprinkle in some flour. Whatever you do, make it fun! If you're showing them something you love, chances are they'll love it too.

Who do you think would love an invitation into your kitchen, and what would you like to share with them?

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