Weekend Project: Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

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Like many of you, we’re planning on dedicating a good chunk of this weekend to Thanksgiving grocery shopping and some early prep work. Here’s a round-up of all the tips, reminders, and ideas we’ve been talking about on the Kitchn over the past few weeks!

The Turkey
Basic Tips on what size to buy, when to thaw, how to roast, and when to serve
How to Brine Your Turkey
Which Roasting Pan to Buy
Cooking Light and Dark Meat

Tips on Making Desserts in Advance – that is, if you can resist eating them the the days between!
And check out our growing collection of Best Pies for some dessert inspiration.

The Table
With all the focus on the food, don’t forget to count your chairs, locate the extra leaves for the dining room table, and make sure you have enough place settings for everyone. When it comes to actually setting the table, don’t forget some of Diane Morgan’s tips on creating easy centerpieces, finding inexpensive linens, and arranging the buffet table.

Any other last-minute tips or questions?

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