Weekend Project: Bake Something New!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every week – make that every day – we come across dozens of new recipes that make us itch to break out the sugar. Unless we make it right away, the recipe often just gets lost in the pile. We seem to have accumulated quite a backlog of recipes tagged “Make Soon!” This weekend, we mean to change that…

Whether it’s a file on your computer or a notebook stuffed with clippings, we’re guessing you probably have a similar situation going on! Let’s all pick one recipe from that backlog and make it this weekend. Okay? Okay!

Here are a few of recipes from our fellow Kitchn writers that we’ve had earmarked for a while:

And watch out this afternoon! We are posting a couple more baking recipes that you may want to try this weekend.

Any thoughts on what you’ll bake this weekend?

(Image: Flickr member fensterbme licensed under Creative Commons)


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