Weekend Plans: From Dreams to Reality

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll admit: Sometimes our culinary imagination can get away with us. We spend a sizable amount of time during the week daydreaming about the food adventures we’ll have over the weekend. This week was a doozy …

Thoughts of a cheese sale, a garden picnic, a Pierogi Fest and a taste tripping party danced in our head throughout the workweek. We’d also find time to squeeze in a car trip, with appropriate snacks of course, in a newly acquired set of wheels. Berry picking, perhaps. And then we heard Alice Waters would be shopping at our very own farmer’s market. Alice Waters! That was a must.

It all seems magically doable. That is, until Saturday morning inevitably rolls around, and we’re faced with a big pile of reality.

That’s right, laundry.

And not just laundry – although it’s become our euphemism for all manner of dreaded household tasks. The apartment must be cleaned, errands must be run and any number of unexpected minor tasks must be attended to. Ultimately, we realize there’s just not enough minutes in one short weekend for all of our culinary dreams to come true.

So we begin to prioritize. Alice Waters doesn’t come to town every day, and neither do hundreds of artisinal cheeses at bargain basement prices. A taste tripping party with Miracle Fruit, too, is likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rest? Well, they’ll just have to wait until the laundry is done.

What are your culinary priorities this weekend?

If you’re in Chicago, Alice Waters will signing her latest book at the Green City Market from 9 to 11 a.m. today. In other words: Hurry!

(Image: biskuit, licensed under Creative Commons)