Weekend Meditation: The Certainty of Cherry Pie

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Uncertainty is difficult for us human beings. It jiggles at our foundation and worries our gut. We want reliability, to know what’s around the next corner. We want to be prepared. We want to know what we’re supposed to do and that we’re going to be OK.

When I’m uncertain, I get myself into the kitchen and I bake, mostly because I find some comfort in it. And while baking isn’t at all exempt from the whims of uncertainty, there are a few favorite recipes I can make without too much fuss and bother. Old reliables that are forgiving, that I can slip into like a well-worn groove.

The very act of making a pie — chopping fruit, measuring flour, rolling out dough — is soothing and takes some of the sharpness away from feeling anxious. I may not know if everything is going to be OK, but I’m fairly certain that my favorite cherry pie recipe will turn out. After all, I’ve made this dozens of times before.

Baking also keeps me busy. It’s just enough activity to engage my mind but not so complex that it becomes another thing to get anxious about. And there’s something reassuring in the accomplishment of it. A human life is full of great uncertainty. So after an afternoon in the kitchen, the fact that I can step back and gaze upon the sureness of cherry pie is an important part of feeling strong and keeping the peace. It may be a small comfort but I’ll take it. Sometimes, its the only thing that will get me through.

(Image: Dana Velden)