Weekend Meditation

Weekend Meditation: Stories

published May 16, 2010
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I’m heading off the grid for a week to teach a workshop on cooking in the mountains of Central California. We’re going to start off by telling our life stories from the point of view of food, which is an interesting way to consider your life. What childhood taste memory is the strongest? Who cooked for you and what was their life like? What was the first thing you ever cooked? Your first romantic/sexy meal? Have you ever not been able to eat?

Food is a powerful event for us. It’s ever-present and quite mundane, and yet it possesses the capacity to astonish and delight us beyond anything else (well, almost anything!) Being fed or being hungry, procuring food, storing/hording/giving away food, growing, tasting, discovering, cooking, eating, sharing. Food as a source and expression of identity, class, culture. Food as a way to connect with others. How has food shaped, both literally and figuratively, who you are?

I wish I could bring you all to the deep stillness of the mountains to consider these questions and cook up some deliciousness together. But even without the support of a workshop, you can still wander down memory lane and take a look. You may be surprised about what you discover, what you have forgotten, what is significant and what is no longer such a big deal.

Who are you? What is your food story?

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