Weekend Meditation: Peace and Quiet

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Reader:

Forgive me. It’s been a long, very full weekend. I ate quite well (several times, as a matter of fact), spent many hours with many good people and took part in several marvelous conversations. I also helped a friend in need, received unexpected gifts, took care of some old lingering business, cleaned out a few dusty corners and wrote up my Christmas list.

And now it is Sunday and in true Sabbath fashion, I just want to rest. I want to put down all the talking and opinions, all the doing and the getting and the to-and-fro-ing. I just want peace and quiet.

I got to thinking that maybe it’s that way for you, too. Maybe you’ve done it all and then some this weekend. Maybe you could use a bit of silence, a few moments of hush where nothing needs to be said, or done, or decided.

So this Weekend Meditation is going to be short and sweet. In fact, it’s almost over. Just one last thing. If you want, you can push back your chair, or close your laptop for a moment. Close your eyes, too. Place your attention on your belly and just follow the rise and fall of your breath for a minute. Or two. Go longer if you want. Or not.

Everything you need is right here.


(Image: Dana Velden)