Weekend Meditation: Things that Never Get Done

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s one thing to cook in your kitchen and it’s another thing to do all those little maintenance tasks that pile up and never seem to go away. Top of my list right now: Replace the liners in the cupboards and drawers, regrout the area around the sink, organize and purge the spice drawer. (I’m not even going to think about the disaster area that’s called The Cupboard Under the Kitchen Sink.)

These are the little things we avoid and put off, that nag us and make us feel less the superhero that we really are. These are our Heinous Tasks and I’m here to say: there’s hope.

I draw my inspiration from my friend, the poet Genine Lentine. She lives next door and regularly hosts The Heinous Task Table in her dining room. The invitation is to bring a task that you are avoiding and gather with others who are also dealing with their own avoided heinous task. It could be a basket of mending and button replacement, a pile of tax receipts to be organized or a cleaning up of the 4000 emails in your inbox. (Yes, these are all mine, too.)

The idea is that by gathering with others, we are creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement…and a little company, too. But for things that aren’t portable, like cleaning your oven or that grout around the sink, you can bring the Heinous Task Table to you. Call it a Heinous Task Party and invite a friend or many friends over to help you with your task. Or they can bring their own, portable task and keep you company.

I once got my kitchen drawers lined on a variation of this theme. A friend, who finds the activities of measuring and cutting very soothing and relaxing, traded me my kitchen drawers for her husband’s birthday cake. (She hates to bake.) So while she lined my drawers, I baked her cake and we spent a nice afternoon in the kitchen together.

OK, it’s your turn to fess up. What are some of your avoided, lingering tasks? And what are you going to do about them?

(Image: Dana Velden)