Weekend Meditation and Consciousness Raising: It's Up to You and Me

Weekend Meditation and Consciousness Raising: It's Up to You and Me

Dana Velden
Mar 15, 2009

Fact: In America, what we eat contributes to 1/3 of our carbon footprint.

OK. So most of us are starting to get it that our high-carbon diets are a big, big problem. We've learned that because our current food system is heavily reliant on cheap and readily available fossil fuels, we've got some big scary problems to face. And soon.

So I wonder, what are we going to do about it?

It turns out that it's not only the growing and transporting of vegetables that's hurting us. It's also our over consumption of animals and animal products like cheese. And the fact that the distribution of food is dependent on refrigeration and packaging only makes matters worse. Escalating obesity and related diseases, unsafe food being sold in the market, the horrifying treatment of livestock. Is there any place our food system isn't broken?

Between the economy and environmental challenges, we have a strong motivation to find smarter and safer ways to grow, transport, store, purchase, cook and dispose of our food. As old systems crumble and weaken, we have a chance to put something more sane and sustainable in their place. But will we? Sometimes, it seems like such an impossible task. The current system is just too big and far too established to overhaul.

We can easily fall into blame, depression, anxiety and despair. Or we can see this as a great opportunity to use our beautiful hearts and minds to do something different. Everyone of us has something to offer to this solution, I believe.

I would love it if you would share in the comments below what you are doing about this situation in your own life. Or what you would like to do, hope to do. What creates and supports lasting change? What influences and inspires us to do something as radical as this? Do we have to wait until it's really bad, until it's a disaster? Or can we start now, while there's still a chance.

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