Weekend & Weekday Lunches: How Do Yours Differ?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love weekend lunches. They are often nearly indistinguishable from brunch — a long, lazy meal punctuated by extra pots of coffee or tea, and a good book splayed out on the table. We also love the communal aspect of weekend lunches; we often do Sunday lunch with friends. What about you? How do your weekend and weekday lunches differ? Are there things you always make on the weekends? And do you do lunch, or just brunch?

Do you have any favorite weekend lunch meals or recipes? Anything special we should try this weekend? We are looking forward to at least one tranquil lunch, like the one pictured above. Just us, the sunshine, a plate of food, and a book.

(Image: Flickr member waldopics licensed for use under Creative Commons)