Weekend Guests: What Food Should We Have on Hand?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This summer, it was all about visiting other people (and taking them homemade treats). Now that it’s fall, we’re playing host. So, what snacks and dishes should we have in the kitchen for our weekend visitors?

We got some beautiful Italian prune plums in our CSA pick-up this week, so we’re planning on making a crostata that would be good as a late-night dessert or even breakfast.

Good coffee is on the shopping list. And we’re planning a casual dinner in the park on Friday, if the weather cooperates, so we’re roasting beets and buying cheese and salami—all foods that can be bought or made ahead of time (and saved for snacks if plans change).

What other creature comforts do you like to have on hand for overnight guests? Just some munchies? Or do you go all out?

(Image: Flickr member Pinot & Dita, licensed under Creative Commons)