Weekend Eating: Free-form Lasagna

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Take squares of fresh pasta, some really fresh fillings like pesto, butternut squash, or rosemary butter, layer them all in a tumble, and what do you get? Free-form lasagna! Or so says Russ Parsons at the LA Times in his article Lasagna, liberated. He argues that while calling this lasagna might be debated by Italian nonnas everywhere, the deconstructed version lets the pasta really shine.

We noticed some food bloggers following his lead and we think we might try this too. He includes recipes for butternut squash lasagna, zucchini lasagna with lemon-thyme cream, and lasagna with slow-roasted tomatoes and pesto. But of course the general idea is to go with your tastes and to use whatever is in season where you are.