Weekend Cooking: Have a Pizza Night!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you have a pizza night in your house? As finicky kids resistant to anything homemade, Mom’s pizza on Friday nights was one the most hotly anticipated events of the week. Even now, ordering up a few Netflix movies and planning a pizza night feels like a special treat. This weekend, let’s all have a pizza night!

One of our favorite recipes for homemade crust is still the one for our thin-crust pizza. It’s quick and easy to pull together after a long day out and about. We’ve found that the dough does benefit from a little rising time (or even in the fridge overnight), but you can also use it right off the bat.

If we’re feeling super fancy, we make a filled crust by simply rolling the outer edge of the crust over some fillings and pinching the dough shut. Our favorites are cubes of cheese, pesto, caramelized onions, minced garlic, or any combination of those. This also conveniently forms a rim to hold the pizza toppings!

We’ve done anything and everything for pizza toppings, it feels like! Pizza blanco is a perennial favorite, as is basic pizza with red sauce, cheese, and sausage. Lately, we’ve been mixing a little BBQ sauce into the red sauce for extra zing. And now that the farmer’s markets are finally open, we can start adding some seasonal ingredients.

Almost as important to the evening as the pizza itself, don’t forget about your beverages. As kids, this was one of the few nights we got to have soda with dinner, and we still love popping open a can of root beer or orange soda to go with our pizza. Of course, as adults, we’ve also added ice cold beer to the selection. The Sam Adams Summer Ale is fantastic this year (isn’t it every year?), and has been our beer of choice for the past few weeks.

All you need now is to choose which movie to watch and make sure there are enough napkins for everyone’s laps!

What’s your favorite combo of pizza crust, pizza topping, and beverage?

(Image: Flickr member DeaPeaJay licensed under Creative Commons)