Weekend Homework: Queso La Serena and Emilio Lustau Sherry

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hopefully, if you’re a New Yorker, you weren’t too distracted by the amazing weather this weekend to pick up some Queso de La Serena cheese and last week’s wine, the Emilio Lustau Light Manzanilla Papirusa.

We didn’t make it to the wine shop, but we did get to Murray’s Cheese to get some Queso de La Serena, which we enjoyed alongside another Spaniard, Garrotxa. It doesn’t appear on the Murray’s website, but it’s in the stores. Ask for it.

These two cheeses were very different, but a pleasurable contrast for the palate. The Garrotxa is a woodsy, mild goat cheese, delicious sliced thin and eaten straight. The Serena is a soft sheep’s cheese made with a thistle rennet (read out Cheese Monger’s review of it here). Within this slimy cheese, we noticed a very nutty, tangy flavor that was a surprise, given its delicate lace wrapping and sweet little name.