Wedding Friday: What Kind Of Ice Cream Goes With Lemon and Chocolate Cakes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So… by now you know that I have my heart set on making my own cake for my wedding this fall. I’m also determined to make ice cream to go along with it. (Using my new toy!) I’m planning one kind of ice cream and one kind of sorbet. I have a few ideas on flavors, but I’d love some input from you, dear readers.

What kind of ice cream goes best with lemon and chocolate cakes?

For my wedding cakes I am making both a fudgy chocolate cake, very little flour included. This will be dense and moist and hold up well in the freezer.

The other cake will be Gourmet’s Lemon Olive Oil cake – one my husband-to-be’s favorite desserts. It’s light, luscious, and also very freezer-friendly.

Neither will be frosted; I may slap a little stiffened whipped cream between double layers of the chocolate cakes and stack them up on cake stands, while the lemon cakes will get garnishes of seasonal fruit and powdered sugar.

So that’s the menu. What kind of ice cream goes with both these cakes? Sorbet too? have some ideas – namely plain old vanilla or rich honey ice cream. For sorbet I may go with an herbal sorbet, or a raspberry. Any better ideas for me? Remember the season – the wedding is near the end of September.

P.S. – Watch out next week! We have a big announcement coming up…and it’s all about ice cream!

(Images: Faith Hopler; Flickr member I am K.E.B licensed for use under Creative Commons)