We’d Like To Tour Your Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re looking to expand our Kitchen Tours coverage here in 2008 … plus a TV producer friend of ours called this morning looking for photos of cool kitchens too.

We need your help getting started.

If you’d like to give us and our TV producer friend a peek at your kitchen, please upload one photo that best represents your kitchen to Flickr by Monday, 12.24. To make it easy to find, please stick three tags on your photo: apartmenttherapy, thekitchn, tour2008.

The TV morning show (sorry, we can’t say which show just yet) is hoping to feature kitchens with unique design, unusual decor, special themes or one of a kind collections collections. Here at The Kitchn, we’re looking to tour efficient, hardworking, beautiful kitchens. We’re interested in kitchens that are older and well-loved as well as those that are freshly rennovated.

If you’ve emailed us about a Kitchen Tour previously, we still have you on file and will get back to you in January, but if you’d like to be considered by the televison folks, please upload a photo in Flickr for them.

Don’t forget. Please use all three tags on your photo and submit only one photo. Unfortunately, the TV team can’t visit links so please do post the pictures in Flickr for them.