We Want To Thank You. What Do You Want To Ask Us???

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A sketch for tonight’s party at Salt Bar by our David Stark intern, Morgane Saout

This holiday we want to thank you personally for being our readers all year. How? We’re having a big dinner party for all of the Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn staff tonight and we are going to film it and share a big, live thank you by everyone at once. Why? Because we love you, and because we want you to meet the staff and know what it looks like here at our work. We also thought it would be cool to try and answer any questions you have about our blogs in the video. So, if you have a really good question for ANYONE at Apartment Therapy or The Kitchn, please put it and who it might be directed to (if anyone specific) in the comments below and then we’ll add it to our short film. And get ready to see our big Thank You Film next week!