We Tried Pickle Candy Canes and Here’s What We Thought

published Dec 13, 2016
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(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

A couple weeks ago Kitchn wrote about a website that was selling ridiculously flavored candy canes. The website provides odd flavors to choose from, including wasabi, gravy, and bacon, but the weirdest one of all might have been pickle. Now, I’m a big fan of all things pickles: I like making pickles, I like eating them plain, I like them sliced thinly on a burger, and I even like the juice. But pickle-flavored candy canes? I was very skeptical.

Many reviews on Amazon indicate that these candy canes don’t have a strong pickle flavor. One reviewer, who gave the candy canes two stars, notes that “I was trying so hard to taste anything resembling pickle that I might have just imagined it.” So what did they taste like then? And were they actually savory, or were they still sweet like peppermint candy canes? I had to find out.

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

One package of pickle-flavored candy canes includes six candy canes. They look exactly like the traditional green peppermint ones you might see around the holidays. The candy canes don’t smell like anything in particular, other than sugar. My initial thought was that they tasted just like the brining seasoning in pickle juice. Upon further reflection, I realized they just tasted like dill. The flavor wasn’t overwhelming, but it was definitely there. The candy canes weren’t sweet, which made them bearable to consume.

I gave them out to unassuming coworkers to tell me what they thought of the taste. Most of the people who tried the candy canes were unable to figure out that they were pickle-flavored. When I revealed the flavor, the taste-testers were able to make the connection, and indicated it was stronger as the aftertaste.

While nobody particularly enjoyed them, nobody seemed to be offended by these candy canes either. If you really enjoy pickled-flavored things, they might be a little disappointing, however. These candy canes are probably best as a novelty or joke gift.

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Have you tried pickle-flavored candy canes? What did you think? If you haven’t tried them, is this something you think you’d enjoy?