We Asked, You Shared: The Best Advice From Kitchn Readers This Year

updated May 13, 2022
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The wonderful thing about a community like The Kitchn is the wealth of information spread out among our readers. So when we ask for your best kitchen and renovation advice, your favorite brands of liquor, or your tips for better weekly meal planning, you, our readers, respond with terrific insights, tips, and advice. Here are the best Reader Intelligence Reports (as we call them) of the year, along with a few post topics that generated the most reader response! Make sure to read through the comments for all the feedback.

• 1

What Do You Serve Fussy and Picky Eaters? 10 Recipes To Meet the Challenge

• 2 What Is Your Best Kitchen Renovation and Planning Advice?

• 3 Do You Have an IKEA Kitchen Appliance? Share Your IKEA Appliance Reviews!

• 6 15 Tips for Better Weekly Meal Planning
• 7 What Tricks Do You Have For Getting Yourself To Do the Dishes?
• 8 Two Is Company: What Are Your Favorite Ingredient Pair-Ups?
• 9 Have You Ever Made Tortillas By Hand? Share Your Tips and Recipes!
• 10 Which Recipes Do You Know By Heart?

• 11 Going Caffeine-Free: What Are Your Best Tips for Kicking a Coffee Habit?
• 12 What Are Your Strategies For Having Family Dinners with Little Kids?
• 13 No, I’m Not a Wine Drinker: Social Tips From a Teetotaler
• 14 How To Remove Red Wine Stains: What’s Your No-Fail Trick?
• 15 The #1 Multi-Tasking Gadget You Should Have In Your Small Kitchen

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