We’re Feeling Warm and Fuzzy About Guy Fieri This Week

(Image credit: Courtesy of GuyFieri.com)

We all have favorite TV personalities and chefs — and then we have those who we wish to never see again. Their catchphrases and personalities are omnipresent and grating on commercials and endless show reruns. For some, it’s Martha Stewart; for others, it’s Rachael Ray; for me, it’s Guy Fieri.

But hold on a minute — what this bleach-blond Food Network firecracker did last week might just change my opinion of him.

This past week doubled down on the crazy amount of devastation everywhere. From the mess that is left from multiple hurricanes to the increasingly more devastating fires in California — y’all, our country is a hot mess.

Some of the bright spots, however, have been chefs. Chef José Andrés is in Puerto Rico leading the charge to feed 40,000 meals a day to people in need. And now Guy Fieri is doing his part to help out in California.

Fieri is a Santa Rosa resident (he opened his first restaurant there in 1996). He and his family evacuated in the middle of the night, but after he threw the pets, a few family photos, and some possessions in the truck, Guy loaded up a mobile barbecue and fed over 2,000 meals to first responders and those evacuated from their homes.

I’d wager that if many of us faced the same situation, we wouldn’t be as quick to get to work and might be licking our wounds and wondering what to do next.

I’m so thankful for the efforts of those around the country — famous or not, praised over social media or merely hugged from those they help — who are continuing the fight to feed, clothe, and shelter those in need. You make our world go round!