4 Clever Ways to Organize All Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

published Nov 24, 2022
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Figuring out what to do with your Thanksgiving Day leftovers is almost as stressful as cooking dinner in the first place. Sure, you can stick everything in the fridge, but do you really have room to store these special leftovers and your post-holiday regular food? Plus, storing everything in containers as-is isn’t always the best way to ensure all that hard work you put into cooking doesn’t go to waste when everyone, inevitably, gets sick of turkey and stuffing. 

Here are five creative ways to store your Thanksgiving leftovers so that all of that delicious food is enjoyed. 

Pack up leftovers as ready-to-go meals.

Rather than storing each item in its own container, put a little bit of everything in each food storage container. This way, when someone goes to warm up leftovers, they’re only taking out one food storage container rather than several. This strategy also saves room in the fridge, because you aren’t taking up space with increasingly empty food storage containers as leftovers dwindle.

Freeze your leftovers.

If the thought of eating reheated leftovers isn’t appealing, bag your leftovers by type in freezer-safe zip-top bags — and freeze your bags flat to maximize space. Bag holders make the task super easy. 

Send your guests home with leftovers.

It’s time to get out all those yogurt and sour cream containers you’ve been stashing in that upper cabinet! Fill them with leftover green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and all the Thanksgiving things and send them home with your guests. 

Prep now and thank yourself later.

If you want your leftovers to be ready to eat in a different form the next time you consume it, prepare dishes like soups, casseroles, and quiches. When you have a plan for your leftovers (especially if you put that plan into action right away), they are far less likely to languish.