8 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Artichokes

updated May 1, 2019
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For many of us, artichokes aren’t a staple in the way frozen peas and broccoli are, so they can be easy to overlook during your weekly stroll down the freezer aisle. But I hope I can help you change that, because a bag of frozen artichokes (yes, go for the bag over the box!) is unbelievably versatile and can be used to make so many satisfying meals.

1. Toss them into pasta.

Artichokes are the freezer vegetable with the power to make even the simplest bowl of weeknight pasta feel fancy. No need to thaw or cook them separately — toss them into the pot of pasta in the last few minutes of cooking, or give them a quick sauté with your sauce.

Add Frozen Artichoke to These Pasta Recipes

2. Bulk up casseroles with Mediterranean flair.

If Faith’s Mediterranean spin on tuna casserole taught me one thing, it’s that I have not been mixing artichokes into casseroles nearly enough. Even when you don’t see them included in a casserole recipe, artichokes (about six to nine ounces) are fair game.

Try them in everything from pasta bakes and rice casseroles to creamy chicken casseroles and egg casseroles. It’s always a good idea to thaw them first.

Try Frozen Artichoke in These Casserole Recipes

3. Make them a meal-worthy toast topping.

Just when you thought avocado toast was getting a little boring, artichokes step in to show you otherwise. Once thawed, you can add them straight to your avocado toast, perhaps drizzled with some olive oil and lemon juice or a sprinkle of everything bagel spice or feta crumbles. Or give them a quick sauté with olive oil, lemon, and capers.

4. Add them to mac and cheese.

Whether you’re whipping up a box of Annie’s or making a batch of homemade, your mac and cheese instantly becomes an extra special (and a veggie-laden dinner) with some artichokes. No need to thaw first — just mix them into the pot of boiling pasta in the last minute of cooking.

5. Use them as a topping for pizza.

While I have a particular soft spot for artichokes scattered over the top of white pizza (preferably with plenty of ricotta and some greens), they make a very welcome topping on any sort of pizza you’re cooking up. It’s a good idea to thaw them first to prevent the pizza from getting soggy.

6. Layer them on a galette.

This rustic tart sounds so fancy, yet it truly could not be easier to pull off — especially when you start with a package of pie crust and some frozen artichokes (plan on about nine ounces). A generous layer of cheese spread over the crust will help prevent sogginess, although you should still thaw and drain the artichokes first.

Try Frozen Artichokes in These Galette Recipes

7. Stir them into risotto.

A creamy, cheesy pot of risotto is welcome ground for just about any and all vegetables, and frozen artichokes fall high on that list. And there’s no need to thaw them first — stir them straight into the pot from the freezer, on their own or along with frozen greens or peas.

8. Mix them into a frittata.

Eggs make a wonderful partner to artichokes. Thaw and chop the artichokes, then sauté for a few minutes in the skillet before pouring in the eggs.