I’m an Organizing Editor and This Way Day Find Has My Immediate Attention

published Apr 26, 2023
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Someone wiping inside of refrigerator.
Credit: Sarah Crowley

I write about cleaning and organizing for a living, so I know firsthand that there aren’t enough little acrylic bins or fridge organizers in the world to solve some of the problems that having a tiny or poorly designed fridge can create. (Trust me, I’ve tried.) You see, our new home came with a standard fridge that had zero bells and whistles. While we were, of course, super grateful we didn’t have to buy a new fridge on move-in day, we’ve always known we would have to invest in a more functional fridge at some point. In the meantime, I’ve tried my best to use fridge storage hacks galore — like decluttering regularly or using clear stackable bins — to create more storage space out of thin air. But the truth is that our tiny fridge is just not designed with organization in mind. Now that we have a chance to invest in a new refrigerator, I’ve been looking for one that will also allow me to organize groceries in a way that makes my life easier, not just make them fit wherever there’s a little room left.

Because I’ve learned so much about kitchen cleaning and organization from trial and error, I’ve had time to carefully draft a wish list of features that our dream refrigerator would have and prioritize them based on our most urgent needs. I was able to narrow it down to two — yes, two — great refrigerators on the market that would instantly allow us to have the kitchen organization we crave, without sacrificing the features we love. They both have a price point on the higher side for the category, but we’re in luck because one of them — Samsung’s 36″ 26.5 cu. ft. French Door Energy Star Refrigerator with Smart Hub — is a whopping 26 percent off during Wayfair’s annual Way Day Sale.  

Not only will you be potentially saving hundreds of dollars if you snag a major discount during Way Day, but if you’re on Team Being Clean and Organized Makes Me Happy, this model offers a lot of smart solutions that will make the day-to-day instantly easier. For instance, thanks to a sleek ice and water dispenser and a 3-door-style French door design, there’s 27 cubic feet of real space available for you to customize and optimize your grocery storage to your liking. If you love to host, like we do, then I don’t need to explain how challenging it can be to try and squeeze a Costco-sized charcuterie or wing platter into a standard fridge drawer. This fridge promises that its full-width drawer can handle any platter and then some — this detail alone made this a love-at-first-sight situation for me. Plus, all of the shelves are fully adjustable — again, a little luxury in my book.

Another little luxury is the humidity-controlled crispers and all-around cooling technology to promote and maintain consistent temps on every shelf. With our barely there, barely working refrigerator drawers, it was like my fresh produce was being set up to fail — the temps were never consistent or accurate! 

The Samsung fridge also has a two-minute door ajar alarm — and a door lock! — which will remind my husband to be sure both the freezer and fridge doors are properly shut. Currently, if you close our fridge side door too hard, the freezer door pops out and sits slightly ajar, so you won’t know it’s happened until you go to grab ice cream or a frozen pizza only to realize that they now belong down the sink or in the trash, and not on our plates. You see, I can’t stop thinking about how much money these features could potentially save me long-term if I’m no longer replacing groceries that I hoped would last a week but didn’t.

There’s also some magic happening outside too. Samsung’s Family Hub uses WIFI-enabled smart home technology to help you stay organized beyond the fridge. You can use the Alexa and Google Home enabled screens to stream music, organize family calendars and photos, and manage other smart home devices, like your doorbell or baby cams. And, if you ever find yourself at the grocery store without a list — again, me! — you can use this technology to see what’s inside your fridge right from your phone. Translation: I’ll never buy a duplicate coffee creamer again!

It’s rare to find a solid deal — over 25 percent off — on this hard-working fridge model, so I bet you can already guess what’s already in my cart this morning. See you at checkout!

Buy: Samsung 36″ 26.5 cu. ft. French Door Energy Star Refrigerator with Smart Hub, $2,499 (originally $3,399)