I’m a Former Pastry Chef, and This Is the One Kitchen Item You Should Buy from Way Day

published Oct 26, 2022
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Credit: Richard Seymour/Getty Images

When it comes to baking at home, I feel like I’ve tried just about every essential out there. Between all the reusable baking mats, spatulas that go above and beyond, and stand mixers that practically do all the work for me, most of the time I’m whipping up sweet treats at bakery-level (if I do say so myself). Because I’ve got a background as a pastry chef, I’ve definitely learned my fair share of tips and tricks, but I gotta say, there’s no better way to up you baking game than by upgrading your tools.

And, because I test out loads kitchen goods for a living, I own a plethora of baking-oriented tools, knives, gadgets, appliances, and bakeware. While I love them all, the truth is, there are a few baking must-haves in my kitchen that I just couldn’t bake (or cook) without. However, getting your hands on high-quality, durable, pretty, and affordable bakeware can be a bit tricky. So, when I see an item I know will make a difference in my home-baking, I snag it while it’s hot. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing this Way Day (ICYMI, it is Way Day today, and there are tons of deals we’re shopping) with these do-it-all Le Creuset stoneware dishes.

Why do I have my eyes on these stoneware beauts? Well, my grandma’s LC oval gratin baking dish was passed down to me years back, and it’s one of the most relied-upon pieces in my kitchen to date. I’d just like to stop here for a moment and point out: That piece of bakeware has been in my family for decades — literal generations — and while it’s got all the beauty marks of a well-used essential, it still works like a charm with every single bake. (That’s Le Creuset, for ya.) But, you can only go so far with a shallow, oval-shaped dish. So, I’m in the market for something a little more versatile.

The reason I gravitate toward Le Creuset is not because of its acclaimed brand name (which is acclaimed for a reason, obviously), but because, in my experience, their pieces are always crafted with the highest quality materials. Plus, the functionality is top notch, each piece is designed and tested by experts until it emerges in near perfection. While Le Creuset may be best known for their enameled cast iron, their stoneware is not to be slept on.

This set of two square dishes is something every home baker should have. The versatility achieved by the different sizes is paramount. This way, you can control how tall and thick or how thin and chewy you want your goodies to come out. You can use them simultaneously in the oven, stack them to stow away effortlessly, layer up a desert and stick them in the freezer, apply them for savory purposes — the list goes on. There’s nothing these things can’t handle.

Plus, because they’re crafted from (the finest quality) stoneware, they’ll absorb heat from your oven in a jiffy (unlike Pyrex) and distribute it evenly in a sustained flow that ensures no burnt edges, gooey middles, or soggy bottoms. The stoneware is dishwasher-, broiler-, oven-, freezer-, and microwave-safe, and is inherently nonstick. It’s non-reactive (important when you’re baking because of baking soda/powder) and will never retain flavors or odors. Rest assured, last night’s roasted asparagus will have zero impact on the flavor of today’s cinnamon apple squares.

Buy them for yourselves, buy them for a friend. Get ’em, wrap ’em early, and stow ’em away ahead of the holidays. The truth is, with a discount like this and an endless horizon of deliciously baked goodies ahead of you, there’s no reason not to buy. Now, BRB, I’ve got to go place an order for myself before they sell out!