Get Your Kitchen Organized (and Save Big!) During Wayfair’s Huge Storage Clearance Sale

updated Jul 27, 2020
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Whether you have a tiny kitchenette or a fully equipped chef’s kitchen, adequate storage (or lack thereof), is a universal problem. That’s why investing in smart solutions that keep your everyday tools, appliances and essentials neatly organized and out of the way can bring a sense of calm and order — not to mention help prevent you from wasting time looking for exactly what you need to get dinner going on a busy weeknight. Wayfair has long been our go-to for incredibly clever storage and organizational must-haves, and right now they’re having a huge clearance sale with steep discounts up to 50 percent off. Since many of these solutions are expandable or adjustable, they’ll function well in any kind of kitchen layout. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks from the sale below, but be sure to check out Wayfair’s entire storage clearance sale!

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1. YouCopia Expandable Rack Kitchenware Divider

Many kitchen dividers are narrow, so they only fit one frying pan or lightweight items like cutting boards. This expandable divider (a Kitchn Essential and editor favorite!) lets you customize the space to your needs, whether it’s for storing saucepans, grill pans, lids or dishware. The base and wire dividers are sturdy, so they can handle heavy items like cast iron.

Buy: YouCopia Expandable Rack Kitchenware Divider, $31 (normally $40)

Credit: Wayfair

2. Castleman Expandable Shelving Rack

There’s no such thing as universal shelf dimensions, so the fact that this rack from Castleman expands from 15 to 30 inches in length makes it super versatile. The 10-inch-deep rack works like a riser to help you make the most out of vertical space in cabinets or open shelving, so you can store items directly on the shelf and others above it. The sturdy wires are also strong enough to hold pantry items like canned or boxed goods.

Buy: Castleman Expandable Shelving Rack, $13 (normally $27)

Credit: Wayfair

3. Cory Adjustable Drawer Organizer

Whether you have a junk drawer that’s out of control or store your cutlery in a drawer with no order, this bamboo organizer expands from just under 13 to 23 inches in depth and will fit a variety of sizes. When compact, it has five sections, but it expands out to seven, so all of your tools and utensils will have a dedicated spot.

Buy: Cory Adjustable Drawer Organizer, $22 (normally $34)

Credit: Wayfair

4. 2 Tier Pull Out Drawer

Finally, a solution for that maddening, cavernous space under your countertops. This two-tier drawer assembles easily on a track so you can store space-consuming cookware on the tall lower level and short or flat items like dishes on top. It measures 18 inches tall and 20 inches deep, so you’ll truly be able to make the most out of the dimensions of this sometimes-awkward storage space

Buy: 2 Tier Pull Out Drawer, $45 (normally $50)

Credit: Wayfair

5. Alvin Steel Dish Rack

Even if you own a dishwasher, some things like pots, pans and wooden utensils are best washed by hand. This modern dish rack is made from coated steel and has compartments for plates, glasses and cutlery, so you can easily grab items for storage after they’ve dried. The draining tray is deep so you won’t have to worry about wet countertops. Two wooden handles add a warm touch and make it easy to lift and store the rack between uses.

Buy: Alvin Steel Dish Rack, $72 (normally $78)

Credit: Wayfair

6. Easy Essentials 21 Container Food Storage Container Set

Now’s the chance to upgrade your mismatched storage containers with this affordable, BPA-free plastic set. It contains a total of 21 pieces (!) of various shapes and volumes, each with its own locking leak-proof lid. The dishwasher-safe containers are perfect for storing prepped food or leftovers in the fridge or freezer and keeping ingredients like nuts or snacks from going stale in your pantry.

Buy: Easy Essentials 21 Container Food Storage Container Set, $50 (normally $80)

Credit: Wayfair

7. Crisp Stackable Refrigerator and Pantry Produce Food Storage Container

This adjustable storage container is perfect for storing prepped food or grab-and-go snacks and can be used in the fridge, freezer or pantry. Since it’s stackable, you can maximize space on shelves by keeping items on multiple levels. Two dividers can be moved to accommodate small or large items, whether you’re storing bags of snacks or fresh produce.

Buy: Crisp Stackable Refrigerator and Pantry Produce Food Storage Container, $26 (normally $29)

Credit: Wayfair

8. 2 Light Kitchen Pot Rack

Finding space for pots and pans is a challenge, no matter how large your kitchen is. This clever pot rack lets you use your precious storage space for other items and has two built-in lights to make it easy to see what you’re prepping below. The rack includes 10 hooks for holding pans, pots or other tools, and comes in three neutral metallic tones.

Buy: 2 Light Kitchen Pot Rack, $120 (normally $200)

Credit: Wayfair

9. Anton Bread Box

Whether you’ve jumped aboard the bread-making train or like keeping a store-bought loaf on hand for toast or sandwiches, this steel bread box is a cute upgrade to a plastic bag! The closed design will keep bread fresher longer, and since it contains crumbs, can help prevent kitchen critters.

Buy: Anton Bread Box, $56 (normally $75)