Wayfair Just Launched a Storage Line With Tons of Space-Saving Solutions for Small Kitchens

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Imagine cooking a complicated meal, needing an ingredient and knowing right where to find it in your cabinet. Or picture reaching for a spice and not knocking over several small jars as you fumble around looking for the paprika. We all dream of having sleek, ultra-organized, Pinterest-worthy places to cook, but it feels like most modern kitchens were designed for people who own maybe two plates and a fork! And unfortunately, most helpful organizers have a large footprint and end up getting in the way in smaller kitchens. That’s where Dotted Line, Wayfair’s new range of stylish storage and organizational products, come in. They’re ideal for cramped spaces (think: streamlined design, under-shelf, out-of-the-way mounting), and can bring even the smallest, most disorganized kitchen close to Pinterest nirvana. Check out 11 of our favorite picks below.

Credit: Wayfair

1. Spice Rack

Say goodbye to tumbling jars with this sleek, wall-mounted spice rack. It’s narrow enough (just under 18 inches long) that it’ll fit on almost any wall, and while it’s deep enough (under 4 inches) to hold most standard-sized spice jars, it’s not so deep that it’ll stick out or get cumbersome. The wire mesh ensures you’ll be able to read the label on every spice jar, olive oil bottle, and pepper grinder you finally put in its place.

Buy: Spice Rack, $89 (normally $120)

Credit: Wayfair

2. Hallie Adjustable Drawer Organizer

As attractive as it is functional, this bamboo organizer features five small sections for your standard utensils — and if you’ve got a larger drawer, it expands with two large side sections. Since it’s real bamboo, it cleans up easily: Simply wipe it down with mild soap and water or a dry microfiber cloth, and you’re done!

Buy: Hallie Adjustable Drawer Organizer, $32 (normally $49)

Credit: Wayfair

3. Faulk Kitchen Cart with Solid Wood

If you live in an apartment with a kitchen better suited for a dollhouse than actual human living, say hello to this streamlined cart that adds much-needed counter space while offering tons of storage underneath (try wire baskets for produce or linens). And it’s on wheels, so it’s easy to move around your space.

Buy: Faulk Kitchen Cart with Solid Wood, $150 (normally $227)

Credit: Wayfair

4. Game Bowls Food Storage Container

Toss the unmatched plasticware that’s cluttering your kitchen and take your food on-the-go with these stackable containers, which feature colorful, oh-so-cute lids. They’re freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, as well as fall-on-your-head-when-you-open-the-cabinets safe!

Buy: Game Bowls 4oz. Food Storage Container, $20

Credit: Wayfair

5. Calla Cabinet Door Organizer

This handy over-the-door space saver does two jobs: One side offers a basket for all your errant plastic bags, and the other side features a towel bar. Banished plastic bags? One customer found this organizer helpful for other kitchen storage needs: “I use it to store my potholders — easy to get to and it works great!” 

Buy: Calla Cabinet Door Organizer, $25

Credit: Wayfair

6. Alvin Under Storage Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Get pots, potholders, spatulas, and anything else that’s cluttering your countertop hung up and out of the way with this cleverly designed under-shelf rack, which features five hooks and a thin shelf that can hold smaller items. Installation is a cinch: Simply slide it under any shelf, and you’re good to go.

Buy: Alvin Under Storage Wall Mounted Pot Rack, $37

Credit: Wayfair

7. Clyde Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan can be a great way to maximize storage in a corner cabinet — until you spin the shelves and everything starts falling over. That’s why this wedge-shaped container is perfect for keeping your items organized (and upright). Plus, it cleverly puts those awkward corners to good use.

Buy: Clyde Lazy Susan, $14 (normally $16)

Credit: Wayfair

8. Kitchen Organizer Pots & Pans Pegboard Pack

The idea is simple: A pegboard to get all those pots and pans (and utensils and dish towels and whisks and assorted accessories) hung up on a bare wall that wasn’t being used for anything functional anyway. But let’s face it, those pegboards can be, well, an eyesore. This one, however, comes in a variety of bright colors (red board with white hooks? Yep. Metallic silver with blue hooks? They’ve got that, too!) that’ll make it look less utilitarian, and with 300 peg holes and 18 included hooks, you’ll have ample ways to display all your cookware.

Buy: Kitchen Organizer Pots & Pans Pegboard Pack, $80

Credit: Wayfair

9. Alvin Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack

Put the side of your fridge to work with this rack that uses magnets to stay in place. Hooks on the bottom keep utensils out of the way, while a paper-towel bar keeps cleaning supplies nearby.

Buy: Alvin Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack, $40 (normally $48)

Credit: Wayfair

10. Brock Plastic Countertop Dish Rack

Dishes have to dry somewhere, and dish racks are usually necessary evils in the kitchen, taking up valuable counter space. The Brock rack, however, has enough pegs and grooves to accommodate your dish-drying needs, but at just 13.75 x 10.5 inches, it won’t overwhelm a small space.

Buy: Brock Plastic Countertop Dish Rack, $14 (normally $59)

Credit: Wayfair

11. Cody Kitchen Food Storage Container

Reign in those wayward spice packs, pouches and bagged snacks with these clear plastic bins that keep all those little odds and ends in their places — freeing up precious room in your cabinets. And while most customers said they found these helpful in the pantry, another said they were “perfect for fridge organizing.”

Buy: Cody Kitchen Food Storage Container, $12