Here’s How to Take Care of Those Trendy Flowers You’ve Been Seeing All Over at Trader Joe’s

published Apr 28, 2022
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Credit: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

With spring having sprung, amaryllis bulbs are everywhere, including Trader Joe’s. But some Trader Joe’s locations are selling waxed amaryllis bulbs, and, though beautiful, they can leave an at-home gardener to wonder just how to care for these things. 

Luckily, they actually don’t require any care at all.

Credit: Glimpse of Sweden/Shutterstock

“I always get the Holiday #amaryllis waxed bulbs,” Trader Joe’s Instagram fan account @TraderJoesPlants wrote in an April 10 post. “They are just the easiest things to have a lovely blossom inside the house. This year I was thrilled when I saw they had Easter Waxed Bulbs! I picked up one a couple of weeks ago and already it’s unfurling!!”

“Unlike the Holiday one which was a lovely rich red. This one looks to be more pink with the prettiest stripes! I hope they continue to have these seasonal waxed bulbs for more holidays … 4th of July Amaryllis maybe…”

The wax around the bulb of the amaryllis basically acts as a pot that keeps all the moisture the amaryllis needs to bloom inside the soil. That means when you take one of these beauties home you literally don’t have to do anything except keep them in an area with filtered sunlight.

If the amaryllis gets a bit top-heavy when it starts to bloom, you can stick the waxed bulb in a pot or clear vase to keep it from falling over. But the Trader Joe’s bulbs look substantial enough to support the flower in full bloom.

Even if your thumb is barely green, you should have no problem growing one of the waxed amaryllises from Trader Joe’s. They’ll make for a cute Easter dinner centerpiece and will definitely be a conversation starter.

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