The First Thing You Should Do with a New Box of Wax Paper

updated Sep 4, 2021
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box of wax paper on kitchen counter
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Have you looked at the top of your refrigerator lately? What about the top of your upper cabinets (if they aren’t built all the way up to the ceiling)? These spots are total magnets for grease and dust. And, not only do these out-of-sight spaces seem to accumulate more grime than other parts of your kitchen, they’re also harder to reach, which means they’re more annoying to clean. 

We have an idea, though. The next time you open a new box of wax paper, tear off a few sheets. Then, use them to line the top of your fridge and cabinets.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Line the Top of Your Fridge and Cabinets with Wax Paper

Turns out, the waxy surface acts like a magnet to collect the dust and grime. “Wax paper is a fantastic solution because it collects the grease, allowing you to simply remove the paper, throw it away, and replace,” Becca Napelbaum, a cleaning expert from the on-demand home service app Handy, told Kitchn a few years ago.

When is it time to toss the dirty wax paper and re-apply a new layer? Don’t worry about marking your calendar or setting an alarm. Even if you cook a ton, we’d be willing to say you only need to change the paper about as often as you need to buy a new box. So you can use the new box as the reminder. Easy!

A few quick notes. For starters, you’ll want to do one thorough cleaning to these surfaces before you cover them with the paper, as it’s always best to start with a clean slate. (We like to use a degreasing product or straight-up lemon juice to cut through the sticky layer.)

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Second, you can also use sheets of newspaper, which will decompose quicker in a landfill. If you go this route, you will need to make more of a mental note to remember to change out the paper.

How do you keep the top of your fridge and upper cabinets clean? When was the last time you even looked up there?