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I Tried the Watermelon with Mustard TikTok Trend So You Don’t Have To

published Jun 9, 2021
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Credit: Lia Beck

“Watermelon and yellow mustard. Trust me on this. It is so good.” With those three lines, the TikTok creator @yayayayummy convinced a ton of the app’s users to grab some French’s, smother a piece of watermelon, and take a bite. But does mustard really “match so well with the watermelon’s sweet juiciness”? I joined many others in a quest to find out.

The mustard watermelon trend first came to my attention when I saw the singer Lizzo participate on her own TikTok account. After biting into a mustard-covered watermelon slice, she said, “I don’t understand. Hold on,” and squeezed on more mustard before taking another bite. Her conclusion: a loud “Huh?!” In the caption of the post, she added, “Ummmm I ended up just eating it with Tajín,” referring to the chili-lime seasoning that is commonly paired with fruit.

How to Make Watermelon with Mustard

Look through other videos of people trying watermelon with mustard and you’ll find some much stronger reactions. Some TikTok food experimenters look like they’re gagging. Some immediately spit out the entire thing. 

While this made me concerned about trying the snack myself, nothing was more worrisome than realizing that @yayayayummy is possibly just trolling us all. In the time since their watermelon video went viral, the user has posted several more videos of odd food combinations, including Froot Loops with orange juice, a raw oyster with a packet of Smucker’s grape jelly, and the truly indefensible banana topped with mayonnaise. All of the videos feature @yayayayummy saying “trust me” and “it is so good.” This is a joke, right? A sendup of all the TikTok viral food trends and celebrities like rapper Saweetie, who have shared their own odd food combos online? And if it is a joke, what will happen to me when I bite into watermelon covered in mustard?

Credit: Lia Beck

My Honest Review of Watermelon with Mustard

I poured myself a large glass of water, placed a small amount of mustard on a piece of watermelon (I have nothing to prove, okay?), and prepared for the worst. It wasn’t bad. It certainly wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. 

I added more mustard and took a less timid bite. I was stunningly un-stunned. The flavors don’t really meld together too much. I mean, it tastes like mustard and watermelon. It’s not rocket science. What was somewhat helpful is that the liquid from the watermelon makes the mustard less thick and concentrated (though I realize that description probably makes this sound even worse). And you can see how something vinegary with watermelon wouldn’t be so bad — pickled watermelon rind exists, after all, and watermelon can be used in salads. But the strong mustard flavor remains and that just doesn’t go with watermelon, in my opinion.

My #1 Tip for Watermelon with Mustard

My conclusion: I wouldn’t suggest eating mustard on watermelon. I tried it. I survived it. I have no urge to go back. Want to jazz up your melon? Stick with Tajín like Lizzo. 

What this whole thing does emphasize is that taste is subjective. Pineapple on pizza is divisive, and so is a graham cracker topped with fish sauce, or a strawberry dipped in soy sauce and wasabi (@yayayayummy suggests both of those, by the way). Who’s the butt of the joke? No one, if you actually like it.