Watch This Hilarious Parody of Artisanal Food Makers

published Aug 10, 2015
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(Image credit: Paul Riccio)

Well-designed packaging? Check. A nod to sustainability? Check. Obscure, old-world methods? Check. Absurdly high price tag? Check.

This parody of artisanal food makers — written and directed by Paul Riccio — is absolutely spot-on.

“Creating bespoke water is storytelling,” says the bespectacled and bearded Terry Timmy, one half of the fictional Timmy brothers, makers of artisanal water in Brooklyn.

The $11 bottles of water come in small batches — like #1402, which consists of varying amounts of water from the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the East River, and “evokes a lot about jazz music.”

Aside from a few truly over-the-top claims — like how they bring the water to Brooklyn via burros, or small donkeys, with satchels strapped to their backs — Timmy Brothers Water could theoretically pass as a legitimate product in today’s market. From hand-blowing their glass bottles to believing “corporate water is soulless,” this mini mockumentary covers all the stereotypical bases.

If you’re in need of a good laugh today, watch the video below.