Watch This Man Make Fancy Sushi for His Cats

published Feb 21, 2018
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(Image credit: Jun’s Kitchen/ YouTube)

I have a new internet crush. I love a person who cooks and who loves cats, and almost nobody takes cooking and cat-pampering as seriously as the home cook and cat-lover behind the popular Jun’s Kitchen YouTube channel. While most of his cooking videos are about making food for humans, he also has three adorable kitties, and he loves them so much he makes them their own extremely fancy sushi.

Most cats would be thrilled to abscond with a stolen piece of take-out sushi, but Jun’s cats get their very own sushi service, with a presentation that would rival any high-end sushi restaurant for humans. In the four-minute video, Jun chops sea bream and sashimi-grade tuna, minces chicken to paste, and makes homemade bonito broth in a siphon coffee maker, all while two fluffy orange cats look on expectantly, as though they were guests at a feline version of Alinea.

Then he serves them minced tuna brushed with bonito broth and topped with a tiny dab of Japanese mustard spinach, served on a ball of steamed, minced chicken. I’m amazed by Jun’s dedication, but what really amazes me is the fact that the cats are sitting quietly the whole time. They’re right there, definitely waiting for some of that food, but they wait politely, without trying to snatch the tuna out of his hands the way my cat would have.

Once the sushi was served on slate trays, the cats went wild for it. They were thrilled.

And then, just after those kitties were fed, a black and white cat shows up, meowing in that demanding way cats have. “I know you have food! I just saw you give it to the other cats! Give it, now!” and the chef starts cracking up. The black and white cat is named Poki, and apparently he cannot be trusted to be in the room while Jun is cooking. While the orange kitties sat quietly and watched him cook, it sounds like the black and white cat kept stealing all the ingredients and had to go wait in another room until dinner was ready. But he got his sushi in the end.

A few YouTube commenters who do not seem to have watched the video got very upset at the idea that the cats were being fed rice and wasabi, but neither was true. The cats’ “sushi” was served on a small ball of steamed, minced chicken breast, not rice, and the little dab of “wasabi” between the chicken and the fish was actually edamame paste. Clearly a person who loves cats enough to make cat food like this would make sure to research cats’ nutrition needs before getting experimental in the kitchen.

“If you want to make a meal for your cats, please do research on which ingredients are okay to use,” he wrote. “Also, make sure not to feed too much nor too often since it’s difficult to make a meal that are nutritious enough for cats.”

He sure seems to love those cats, but he says this kind of meal is not an everyday occurrence. He says he cooks for the cats a few times a year, on their birthdays.

Would you ever cook for your pets?