Watch This Kid Catch Apples Like I Catch Cheese Puffs

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton)

When viral videos circle the web, often they’re for super-human acts. (For instance, toddlers that can do anything an average adult can’t usually manage to accomplish.) This video follows the same vibe, but leaves us wondering how one learns they can catch apples when hurled at their face?

Daniel Hartman probably enjoys things normal folks do, but he has one special quirk that the internet just can’t get enough of: This college student is totally ace at catching apples in his mouth.

Now, I’ll give you a few seconds to think about that. Hard apples, when thrown his direction, are caught between his teeth the way one might do with cheese puffs, olives, or other snack foods! Apples, you guys! My mouth hurts from just thinking about it, but then again my own personal levels of grace and coordination lend themselves to falling down stairs that are still 20 feet away. I’m just that good!

So before you supplement apple catching for bobbing at your next Halloween or birthday party, please allow me to point out the obvious. If you miss, it’s going to hurt. Taking an apple to the snout doesn’t come with the same war stories when folks ask how you got your black eye.

Without consulting with a scientist we’re assuming that it works because the apple is heavy enough to continue on its path into his mouth instead of bouncing off when he bites down. If you want to give it a go, maybe work your way up the food ladder first with cereal, broccoli florets, rolls, cake donuts, and kiwis. We should probably also add that the possibility of any of these shenanigans can be a choking hazard so please, please practice with care.

If you’re going to leave this skill to the college professionals, you’re welcome to join me and pull up a chair as I watch it for the fifth time in a row in amazement!