Watch This Guy Torture His Girlfriend with Cringe-Worthy Grocery Puns

published Dec 8, 2017
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(Image credit: Michaela Cisney)

Punny food videos aren’t anything new. We’ve probably all heard the jokes about cheese that isn’t yours (nacho cheese) and seen a tote or T-shirt with a pickle on it claiming to be a “big dill.” But this grocery store video takes things above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. Watch as the boyfriend provides the comedic stylings while the girlfriend does the actual grocery shopping.

In the above video, Liorah and Elan take a leisurely stroll through their local Mariano’s Grocery Store while Elan makes punny jokes and Liorah shops. “Orange juice glad we’re not going to get this?” asks Elan while holding a six-pack of OJ. “Am I not appeasing you,” he asks next while holding a bag of frozen peas. For the most part Liorah gives a weak smile and continues shopping. But towards the end of the video, she says “I’m done” after Elan tells her “It’s the last straw” while holding a bag of veggie straws. Girl, I don’t blame you.

Although I’m sure Elan helped out along the way, having him in tow feels a bit more like when your children “help” you shop. At least his presence comes with a side of humor instead of sticky fingers. I hope he helps Liorah take the groceries inside and puts them away after torturing her at the store. She deserves some alone time.

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Do you have a food pun for their next adventure? I’m sure he’s willing to make a follow-up video to flesh out some of your ideas!