You Need to See the Trailer for This Bollywood Remake of “Chef”

(Image credit: YouTube)

When I stop to think about the things I shout from the rooftops and spread around social media to friends and family in regards to a new movie, usually it’s about the latest Thor movie (everyone who stars in them is just so dreamy!) This time, however, I couldn’t text the link fast enough to my foodie friends about a great movie that’s getting a Bollywood remake.

Although there’s no warm-smiled Jon Favreau in sight, Food Beast reports he’s excited to see this remake of his movie Chef. That’s right, Chef is getting a remake! The best part is knowing that it’s being remade because the structure and feeling of the movie are so fantastic, not because it kept missing the mark.

This version looks to be packed with many of the trials and tribulations that the first movie went through (with slightly less crude humor) and an upbeat soundtrack that should be great family fun. The relationship that is built between family members and food is an important one in any language.

Although there’s no release date scheduled yet for the United States, I have my fingers and toes crossed that we’ll see one soon! The idea of taking a deeper look at the soul and heart behind different food cultures is something we can watch time and time again across the globe. In the meantime, who’s with me for a road trip to India for its release next month?