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Watch Out! Dangerously Addictive Olive Oil Granola Recipe Review

updated Jun 5, 2019
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A few weeks ago Melissa Clark

had a recipe

New York Times column that we knew we had to try: Homemade granola with pistachios, sunflower seeds, apricots — and a dose of silky, fragrant, slightly bitter olive oil. Zounds! we said, and clipped the recipe. Well, we’re back to report on it, and watch out! This stuff should come with a warning label.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like any homemade granola, this recipe came together fast and easy. With the maple syrup, dried fruit, and olive oil, it also wasn’t particularly cheap (again, like most souped-up homemade granolas) but it was still cheaper than the granola at Bklyn Larder that Clark based the recipe on.

We also made a few changes (of course). We had dried cherries, but no apricots, so we went with the cherries. Highly recommend. They were chewy and sweet, just tangy enough, but not so big that they dominated any single bite. Also, we couldn’t find coconut chips so we used plain unsweetened flake coconut. Delicious.

Those are the details. Easy, quick, delicious even before baked. But after baking, and especially after it sat for a day or two with all those flavors mingling. Oh my. Oh my my.

It was just as Clark described: rich and full-bodied in a way that we’ve never tasted in a granola, and with a mellow and complex sweetness from the maple syrup. It was toasty, salty, crunchy and altogether utterly addictive. (You notice we’re talking in the past tense; this granola is long gone.) We were initially disappointed not to actually taste the olive oil more overtly, but we realized that it really infuses the granola with that rich and slightly bitter taste.

So yes, make this, but put a lock on it. You’ll eat it all in one day if you don’t stop yourself with some serious willpower. Have you made this granola yet? What did you think?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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